Every job might not be as glamorous as The Devil Wears Prada, but every true Fashionisa knows that that is not an excuse not to rock an awesome outfit to work everyday! I saw this Fashionista heading to class after attending a meeting at City Hall. Her outfit only contained a few basic colors, but her eye for color created a sophisticated outfit, one that demonstrated her keen sense of what it means to dress for both the work and school environments. Her outfit was effortless, and her classic jacket, with on-trend camel accents, matched her Chloé bag, instantly adding subtle (and appropriate!) hints of trendiness, while her over-the-knee boots and Ray Ban wayfarers added a touch of glamour that every Fashionista knows how to bring to the table.

Name: Katherine Kremer

Major: Journalism Mass Communications

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Do you get dressed based on the weather or fashion?

Katherine Kremer: I usually try to dress according to the weather, but I'm also the kind of person who loves throwing scarves with anything (even when it's 70 degrees out).

CF: What inspires your sense of style?

KK: There isn't one particular inspiration for my style. I generally wear what I like and try to make it my own as best I can.

CF: What’s your advice for creating an outfit that is good for the office and class?

KK: Create a balance. On one end you're looking to be professional, but on the other end you have to remember you're still in school, which means you should be experimenting with your wardrobe.

How To: To create a classy ensemble for both your professional and academic selves, stick to a neutral palette that will create a cohesive theme within your outfit. Start with a pair of dark jeans, then choose a simple and plain chiffon blouse. Layer on a structured jacket or blazer. Add a great, yet functional, bag that will easily convert from boardroom to classroom.

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