As I write this, Delaware’s seniors are finishing their final, final exams and by the time you read this, they’ll be wondering, “what next?” I'm doing it, and so is this Fashionista.

A former Style Guru and a current fashion inspiration, this Fashionista is the bright, entrepreneurial spirit behind StyleTab. Following her and her blog, I’ve noticed her aptitude for DIY projects (exhibit A: her denim jacket-turned-vest), her eye for great vintage (exhibit B: retro tennis shorts!) and her bold trend choices (exhibit C: rocking the bare midriff with a tribal bandeau top). I could think of no one better to feature for my final column.

This FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT will be my last as I join the CollegeFashionista team at the editorial level to coach a new generation of Style Gurus. But as I once again walk the streets of Manhattan (this time hovering around the slice of heaven that is the Diane von Furstenberg studio) my eyes will still be combing the sidewalks for stunning and chic city street style. Once a Style Guru, always a Style Guru. And I do believe this Fashionista would agree.

Name: Katherine Tabinowski

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Any big plans for post-graduation?

Katherine Tabinowski: First, I’m off to Hawaii with family for a vacation. Then, I’ll try to find an internship, probably in Philly and in the meantime I’ll be working on the blog, trying to make a business of it. All in all, I’ll be taking a little time off.

CF: What’s your fashion dream job?

KT: I’d love to own my own online business like a boutique. I have one concept in mind that could be called something like “My Best Friend’s Closet.” There would be multiple girls and they’d have individual boutiques and different styles. It’d be based on the idea that we simply love to go shopping in each other’s wardrobes.

CF: What do you think has been your most valuable internship?

KT: Actually, CollegeFashionista was a fantastic experience! But, what I did with Elie Saab was so amazing, too. During my study abroad I was a showroom intern for about five days during Paris fashion week.

CF: Finally, what is your best advice for college style?

KT: First, always wear something you’re comfortable in. And of course, take advantage of your friends’ closets! Also, do some thrift shopping – you can really find some gems at Goodwill.

How To: Katherine’s look is a summer classic. Don’t be afraid to cut up some old denim and get your hands in some vintage racks. Start with an old jean jacket and chop off those sleeves for a weather-appropriate option. Look for high-waisted bottoms (colorful shorts or a flirty skirt, something above the belly button) to pair with a cropped bandeau bra top. Finish off the look with some metallic-detailed accessories to enhance that summer shimmer aura.

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