The monochromatic aspect of this outfit is what really drew my attention.  Generally, I am someone who loves color or at least an outfit composed of mixed neutrals but for some reason the all black here works for me.  There is a particular sophistication that comes across while looking at this Fashionista’s outfit, but at the same time the cowboy boots add a sense playfulness. In the past and being from the north I never took cowboy boots seriously, but since coming to school in South Carolina they have definitely grown on me.  Why not wear cowboy boots?  They are comfortable, affordable, match everything (when you buy them in their classic brown color), practical for all types of weather (like this rainy day the picture was taken on), and can be paired with dresses, shorts and pants.  Sometimes if paired with denim cowboy boots can come off as too western, but the black tights and super modern black trench coat on this Fashionista makes them look polished and sophisticated and very fashion forward. Cowboy boots may have to become the next fashion must-have.

Name: Kathleen Marshall

Year: Freshman

Major: Studio Art and Business

CollegeFashionista: Would you consider your cow boy boots your staple item?

Kathleen Marshall: Yea, I wear them all the time.  They are chic and classy with a little bit of southern class.

CF: Which word would you choose to describe your style: simplistic or elaborate?

KM: It depends on the day.

CF: If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life, what store would you choose?

KM: Anthropologie because it's cool, unique, and good quality.

How To: This outfit can easily be put together with simple black tights, a black trench coat, cowboy boots, red lipstick and a cute little black dress underneath!


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