This Fashionista is knitted up in this cozy, fall look. Fashionista Keelia Johnson was running late for class when I recognized her stylishly snug outfit. Chicago's fall season is in full effect as the leaves are changing colors and the temperatures are steadily dropping. Johnson is fully prepared in her warm, eye-catching attire.

Her entire look is dark yet inviting and it consists of several layers. The first thing noticed about this outfit are the tan, over-the-knee boots because they contrast the dark colors. She is also doing much layering: for example, she has on a navy blue cutoff sweatshirt over a black knitted dress. Johnson also has a bright orange belt and a cream, knitted, circle scarf.

Name: Keelia Johnson

Major: Black World Studies

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style.

Keelia Johnson: My personal style reflects my character which is unpredictable, definitely unique and free. I feel like I could wear basketball shorts and boots you can’t stop me. I do what I want.

CF: What designers were you excited to see during the fall fashion shows?

KJ: I was looking forward to seeing something casual. I’m really casual so it has to be the same and have a little taste to it. I like the casual line of Armani Exchange.

CF: How do you stay fashionable on a college student's budget?

KJ: Give me something and I will transform it. This hoodie was actually my boyfriends and I cut it in half to make it into a midrift. Then I put a little brooch on it.

CF: What trends do you see a lot on Columbia’s campus?

KJ: I see a lot of the washed looking jeans but it’s like jeggings too. You can tell the girls are trying to get away with the jeans look but still comfy. Also hats, I see a lot of unique hats on campus.

How To:: For the cream scarf, H&M has a great knitted scarf that will accomplish this warm look. Urban Outfitters has an array of sweater dresses but this dress has dark color and a fun design. To add a college taste to this outfit Victoria’s Secret has this gray pullover that will achieve the layered look. Finally, to complete the look LuLu's features some tan riding boots so you can lighten up this overall dark ensemble.

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