There is nothing more professional, not to mention chic, about an all black look. The fantastically odd thing about black is that it is nondescript, but at the same time an all-black ensemble commands attention. Think back to Viktor & Rolf’s fall 2011 ready-to-wear runway: the opening monochromatic black looks set the whole tone for the show. The garments transformed typically sweet models into edgy, powerful beings that you simply could not stop staring at; although I admit that may have been partly attributed to the red face paint.

Featured Fashionista Kelsey Mulvey clearly understands the value of an all-black look. And she certainly realizes how to accessorize a professional look to give it an edgy, downtown vibe. Note: she did not even need to don red face paint to turn heads.

Sport an all-black look around campus and you will be sure to gain the respect of both your peers and your professors. What could be better than that?

Name: Kelsey Mulvey

Major: Magazine Journalism

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Kelsey Mulvey: I would definitely say it’s really eclectic. It sounds cliché, but I just dress however I feel. I would probably categorize it as urban-glamour because I wear a lot of black with edgy pieces and a lot of fur.

CF: What do you consider your go-to stores?

KM: Urban Outfitters and Topshop; I literally go crazy whenever I’m in them. I also have a crazy obsession with T.J.Maxx; they have a rent the runway section where they have designer pieces for less and I love it.

CF: I know it sounds corny, but what does fashion mean to you?

KM: I feel like everyone says this, but fashion definitely shows who you are. I am a very big believer in first impressions and the way you dress shows other people how you want to be perceived. As a whole, it also serves as a social commentary on the different decades; the way people dressed is very telling of that era’s politics and society. I think fashion shows a lot more than just vanity.

CF: Style Icons?

KM: Right now, I’m really obsessed with Rooney Mara, for starters. I love Rachel Zoe and her '60s/'70s aesthetic. I also love the risks that Miroslava Duma takes. I really like Ali MacGraw too.

How To: To get Kelsey’s edgy, all-black look, make sure to wear quality items. Although it may not seem like it, black showcases every imperfection in the garments. Start with a pair of tailored skinny pants and a plain black shirt. Then, embellish a clean-cut black blazer with some gold studs for an amazing D.I.Y. one of a 3kind look. Finish off the look with a gold color story: a gold cuff, gold earrings and gold studded flats. In terms of beauty, why not take inspiration from the Viktor & Rolf show? Now, I am not telling you to go buy face paint, but to wear a red lip to ensure envious glances instead.

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