Bold prints are currently taking over campus, and this Fashionista sported a creative twist between the classic polka-dot pattern and new, trendy bold prints. The dress is silk with a loose baby-doll fit. The flattering structure of the dress initially caught my attention but once I got closer I realized that what I had thought to be chunky polka dots were actually owls! This pleasant surprise solidified this individual as being a total Fashionista. She paired her bold dress with nude sandals and simple jewelry.

Name: Kendall Gilmore

Major: Communications

Year: Junior 

CollegeFashionista: Who are your fashion idols?

Kendall Gilmore: Like so many other girls and women, I must admit that Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O have always been fashion role models for me.  Ever since discovering J. Crew many years ago, I have strived to dress in a way that exudes the class and confidence that these ladies did so beautifully.  But my most recent fashion idol has to be the ever-fabulous Kate Middleton.  A simple, “What Would Kate Wear?” question answers any of my fashion queries.

CF: What is your favorite trend?

KG: My favorite trend currently is the return to ladylike-inspired clothing and accessories.  I think it is wonderful that women are dressing in such a feminine and elegant way again!

CF: What is your favorite piece in your closet? 

KG: My absolute favorite go-to piece is a solid Kelly green scarf that I have had for years now.  It is the perfect pop of color to brighten up any day!

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop? 

KG: I am a loyal J. Crew, Kate Spade and Anthropology fan.  And I must thank my grandma, mom, and aunts for instilling a deep appreciation in me for Nordstrom, without which my closet would be much less exciting!!

How-To: Achieve this Fashionista’s look by embracing the fun prints that Spring has to offer! There is no rule to choosing the pattern; while bold florals are the most prominent trend, personalize your style by finding a pattern that speaks to you—whether it’s the color, shape, or subject of the print. Pair your outfit with shoes that either match the dominating color of your print, or simply wear nude sandals to prevent distraction from the main focus.

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