I am rather partial to wrists stacked with bangles, colorful prints, and bold textures like faux fur and leather. However, I believe simplicity is just as chic as my obsession with all things “over the top.” The best looks are always the ones in which a few basics are balanced out with one or two statement pieces. This Fashionista does just that with her understated outfit and stand-out necklace and TL-180 metallic bag.

Name: Kimberly de Geer

Major: Public Relations

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Kimberly de Geer: I would describe my style as boho chic. I love to be comfortable in my clothes and dress up my usually simple outfits with great pieces of jewelry. Every time I travel, I try to find locally made accessories that will give my outfits a special touch.

CF: What are your go-to stores and/or designers?

KdG: I do most of my shopping in France where I like to shop in local stores in the south. As for European brands, I like Maje, Sandro and Zara in Europe, and Madewell, Dress and Pinkyotto in the U.S. (all of which can be found on Newbury).

CF: Who or what inspires your style?

KdG: I go on fashion blogs for inspiration. Otherwise, Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss have great styles.

CF: What trends are you looking forward to trying this fall?

KdG: I would like to give long skirts another chance, and why not fedora hats?

How To:  To master this Fashionista’s look try a classic ankle length black pant similar to her Les Petites pair. In colder temperatures, throw an embellished cardigan over the basic tank to mimic how this Fashionista layered a subtly studded shrug by Zadig & Voltaire over a cotton tank. This Fashionista bought her tasseled Afghan necklace in a boutique in Paris, but you can try a similar one by Vanessa Mooney. Sport this comfortable boho look to classes with a timeless structured satchel on your arm!

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