A chain here, a bead there- this summer you will find many fashionistas finishing off theirs summers finest with piles of precious jewelry. This week’s fashionista Kofoworola nails the look by individualizing a cute dress-vest combo with signature jewelry like a copper wire and painted bangles. Here are some of her opinions on her love of accessories and her style, past and present.

Name: Kofoworola Williams

Year: Rising Senior

Major: Biology

College Fashionista: What are some things that inspire your style (eg. people, time periods).

Koforowola Williams: I don’t have inspiration I guess. I like to just buy things and put them all together. I don’t like to keep it plain like with this dress, I went back and added the vest.

CF: What are your favorite things you’ve been wearing this summer?

KW: I would have to say my [Ray-Ban's].

CF: What is something you’d like to add to your closet right now?

KW: Rings; I really want a whole bunch, and more sunglasses and bangles.

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop?

KW: Forever 21 not gonna lie, H&M. I’ve gotten most of my recent stuff online though.

CF: How has your style changed since your started college?

KW: When I was a Freshman I didn’t have money, and since I’ve gotten a job, I’ve been able to get more stuff that’s out of the ordinary. I like to wear things that are weird but make it look nice.

CF: And what about when you’re older, how do you imagine your style might be?

KW: I won’t be one of those old ladies that dresses over-the-top and wear heels, but also not dress in baggy [shift] dresses. I’ll maybe wear some nice high waisted jeans and of course I will have to have my rings, bangles and sunglasses.

How To: Dress up your favorite summer duds with this brightly colored woven bangle from Madewell or this cool coiled copper ring.

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