When I met Kristen, this week’s Fashionista, her relaxed and likable vibe immediately reminded me of Jemima Kirke from the latest television hit Girls. Upon talking to Kristen about what inspired her style, I learned she had much more in common with Jemima’s character, Jessa Johansson, than I even imagined. Kristen is extremely well-traveled and most of her clothing is from all over the world. While she grew up on a farm in Maryland, attended boarding school in California and even studied abroad in high school in Spain, Kristen’s home is now New York City. With her unique eye for textures and international prints, this Fashionista brings a global perspective to campus just in time for New York Fashion Week.

Name: Kristen Procter
Major: Nutrition, Pre-Med
Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What have you noticed about the city style, and do you feel like it has changed your own taste?

Kristen Procter: So far no, not yet, but I can tell it’s going to. I’m so glad to see stylish men though. It’s so hard to find them anywhere else in this country, but being in New York just adds to those beautiful East Coast men. I just like that anything goes here. In another East Coast city or even in California there are norms in fashion that you don’t cross.

CF: What would you say most inspires your style? 

KP: Definitely my travels.  I’m always inspired by the different countries I go to. I specifically love prints of North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Most of my clothes are from other countries that I travel to. I got some really cool stuff from China this summer. Some of my favorite things I’ve gotten are from Turkey, Greece and Morocco. More than trends I’m drawn to shapes and textures, so things can be the same color. But, my closet is pretty much neutrals, blacks and white, but they’re all different textiles and knits from everywhere.  

CF: Where did you travel most recently?

KP: This past summer I was with my boyfriend in Hong Kong, which is a whole other fashion capital of the world, and I went to Shanghai and Beijing too.  It’s crazy there.The fashion is very different, and it’s very name brand. It’s refreshing to be here because you can get something for ten cents and pair it with a designer. I love that about the city. 

CF: If you could choose a few words to describe your personal style what would they be?

KP: Laid-back feminine.  

CF: If you could wear one designer for the rest of you life, which label would you choose? 

KP: Isabel Marant is my all-time favorite.

CF: Any Fall trends you’re looking forward to?

KP: I usually try to avoid trends because I get sick of my clothes so quickly. I am looking forward to wearing colorful jeans. Most girls have that pair of jeans they wear everyday with a lot of variety of tops. I have very few tops but tons of pants from leather to coated and all different colors.

How to:  Kristen paired a Vince crocheted top with J Brand coated jeans. For an alternative tank, try Nasty Gal. Kristen loves Isabel Marant, but for a more affordable alternative she wore Sam Edelman fringe booties. From crocheted tanks to coated jeans and suede shoes, this Fashionista proves her mastery of texture.

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