Most of us were taught how to "match" at a very young age. I remember being 5 years old and wanting to wear my pink socks with a pink dress and a pink headband. This pepto bismol look may have worked in the wonder years, but these age-old  "matching" rules have been basically tossed out the window. Intentional mismatching is a seemingly effortless way to make a statement, and its not only fashionable, but exciting! Try mixing bright prints with polka dots, horizontal lines with vertical lines and, like this week's Fashionista, houndstooth with plaid.

Name: Kristin Richards

Major: Marketing and Public Relations

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your look today?

Kristin Richards: Well it finally looked a little warmer than the usual 30 degress so I wanted to wear removable layers.

CF: What is your take on mixing different patterns to make a look?

KR: I love mixing patterns. I wear this houndstooth scarf with practically everything!

CF: What inspires your wardrobe most?

KR: I would definitely have to say streetwear. If I'm in the city and see something different that looks cute on someone passing by, I will usually try to remember it and replicate it with my own clothes!

How To: A houndstooth scarf isn't too hard to find nowadays, but if you want something with a little spin on it, take a look at this Juicy Couture "snood". Spice it up with this bright pink multicolored plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters, or you can even rock a plaid skirt like this one from J.Crew.

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