This week's Fashionista is someone I have seen many times around campus, usually looking very sophisticated and stylish. I really appreciate the way that Kyla always seems to radiate confidence, regardless of the outfit. On this particular afternoon, Kyla is wearing an ensemble comprised of mixed denim (J Brand skinny jeans and a blouse by Patterson J. Kincaid) along with a neutral colored scarf and a beautiful large watch that I can't keep my eyes off of. 

Name: Kyla Eato

Major: Retailing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How does the way you dress serve as a way for you to express yourself?

Kyla Eato: I would describe my style as American classic with an edge. However, no matter what I am wearing I find a way to express myself through fashion. You never know what will set yourself apart, so the way you dress is a great way to leave a lasting impression. 

CF: What is your favorite current trend and looking forward, what are you most excited about for spring fashion?

KE: My favorite current trend incorporates layered separates and mixed prints. With that said, I am really excited about all of the color that we will be faced with in the spring; my favorite color is poppy!

CF: In your closet, would you say that you have one particular 'go-to' item?

KE: Yes, I do; actually, I am wearing it right now! My go-to item is definitely my gold Michael Kors watch because it goes with everything. I also really love baggy V neck t-shirts because they are perfect for a starting layer and a peek of color. Splendid makes my favorite T-shirts because of the wide range of colors that the brand has to offer. 

How To: Pair together different types of denim and follow Kyla's lead by focusing on contrasting styles and textures. Kyla's outfit demonstrates how to contrast different styles of denim with her dark skinny jeans and oversized Patterson J. Kincaid button down. If you are going for this look, aim for different textures such as light weight denim/linen and dark denim jeans. If the textures feel very similar, look for denim with different washes in order to create some excitement within your primarily denim outfit. 

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