This Fashionista presents all the nuts and bolts of a classic winter ensemble. It has the essential peacoat, combat boots and knitted beanie. I was not drawn to her classically orchestrated outfit, but rather the pizzazz she added to these essential pieces. Her outfit takes a liberal approach on the basics. Kyla’s coat deviates from the age old peacoat with its embellished buttons, its buckle that presents her with an accentuating waistline and its pronounced outlining that adds a crisp detailing. I also took appeal to her choice in a striking red. Kyla’s outfit similarly diverges from the norm with her skinny jeans’ outlandish and vibrant color. The daring clash of her deep red peacoat and rich blue skinny jeans is profound, and I find color contrast an easy yet underrated means to liven a look. Kyla models the aesthetic reward of conjoining unorthodox color combinations.

Name: Kyla King

Major: Undecided

Year: Year

CollegeFashionista: How do you differentiate your style in a crowd full of people?

Kyla King: I try and pick random colors to mix and match. I find color blocking to be fun and unique. 

CF: What are your go-to stores?

KK: I am a lover of American Apparel and thrift stores like St. Vincent de Paul.

CF: Would you say you follow trends or create them?

KK: I get my inspiration from walking around campus and attempting to recreate the looks that spark me with my own pieces and an incorporation of my own take and style on them. Also, wearing what is comfortable is crucial. 

How To: To embody Kyla’s look, color is key and so is looking at classic pieces from a progressive standpoint. Find a peacoat in a shade that is eye catching. The coat should have nooks and crannies unusual to the standard pea coat. Contrast the coat with a skinny jean that is equally bright in color. Finish the look with a snug beanie and this season’s ever-popular combat boot.

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