With a wardrobe full of neutrals, I find solace in the pops of color that can reinvigorate any outfit.  When the weather gets cooler and it is easy to throw on boring grey or black, make sure you take a tip from this week’s Fashionista. This week’s Fashionista paired the essentials with a fun print and bright colors. She took a black blazer and a pair of black boots and added a bright printed tribal skirt. The mini, which had elements of seafoam, magenta, grey, black, violet and royal blue, was accented with a magenta pashmina scarf and royal blue tank. The outfit was finished off with thin, silver hoop earrings and gemstone bracelets in light pink and light blue. Learn more about this week’s Fashionista in the spotlight below!

Name: LaRae' Neal

Major: Psychology, double minor in African American Studies and Economics

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

LaRae' Neal: Today I pulled together an Aztec patterned skirt and  simple tank top and layered it with a blazer and a scarf with fold over boots.

CF:What are your favorite pieces for fall?

LN:Scarves, jackets, boots and layers. Especially layers because they allow you to wear your summer pieces a little longer.

CF: Where do you shop on a college student's budget?

LN: Forever 21, Tj Maxx, H&M,, Banana Republic and consignment shops.

CF: What was the last item you bought?

LN: I bought a pair of funky patterned chunky heels from a consignment shop.

CF: As far as style goes, how do you try to stand out on campus?

LN: Often times, you are on the go so a pair of jeans with a top is a go-to.  To make it my own though, I accessorize with bracelets, earrings or jackets.

How To:  In order to get this week’s Fashionista’s look focus on the key element of the outfit: the tribal skirt. There are a variety of tight-fitting, printed minis that are floating around in the shopping mall known as cyberspace. The great thing about printed minis are that they tend to show a wide variety of colors that you can accent or play down, depending on what looks good on you. For a mini with an autumnal palette, check out this Tribal Culture Print Skirt from The print is intriguing and features navy, amber, burnt orange and white, which are easy colors to bring into fall. Or, try either this bright inexpensive mini from It also has a wide range of colors (blues, greens, reds, etc) and is undoubtedly an attention grabber. If you want to try a tribal print all the while playing it safe, try the Story Teller Mini Skirt featured on Though black and white, the tribal print is complex and fascinating enough to be the focal point of any outfit. After finding the printed skirt, make sure you consult your wardrobe for any other elements of the outfit. Nine times out of ten, you’ll have something that will compliment your skirt and save your bank account!

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