There is one little item in the world that has the power to transform any look. Fashionistas/os, this item is the leather jacket. No matter what your style is, there is a place in your wardrobe for it. You can throw it on over any outfit when you're wanting to look effortlessly cool and turn quite a few heads.The leather jacket gives us normal people the ability to look like a celebrity on his or her day off or a rockstar after their concert. It's definitely a must have piece in any closet. This week's Fashionista shows us how to rock a casually chic look and the importance of being confident in our own skin.

Name: Lauren DeCamp
Major: Political Science
Year: Junior

College Fashionista: What are you wearing?
Lauren DeCamp: My top is from Forever 21, the jacket is from Maurice’s, the jeans are from Rue 21 and I got the shoes from Journey’s.

CF: What do you think is the biggest fashion faux paux/mistake that you’ve ever made?
LD: I think the biggest fashion mistake I’ve ever made is probably wearing too many T-shirts.

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet right now?
LD: Right now, my favorite thing in my closet is my black leather jacket.

CF: At this time, what celebrity/famous person do you think has the best style and why?
LD: I think Jennifer Lawrence has the best style right now. I love her confidence and the way she rocks an outfit. She wears a lot of things that I would definitely wear!

How to: Wanting to get this Fashionista's look? Start with great fitting denim and a classic black and white stripe top. Match it with a pair of awesome kicks and complete the look with a black leather jacket. Tip: As a nice feminine contrast to the tougher ensemble, keep your complexion porcelain by applying a light reflecting foundation and swipe a baby pink lip stain on your lips!

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