Trench coats are undoubtedly on the top of this falls’ list of essentials and everyone is taking notice! Burberry features the perfect classic trench while Valentino makes unique trenches with ruffles.  In a classic khaki trench, this Fashionista looks sleek and stylish. She also accessorizes with a sequin cross-body bag. Sequin accessories add just enough sparkle as shown by BCBG and Zara. As the weather gets colder, one may think it’s more difficult to dress in style, but this Fashionista’s chic ensemble was one to be admired.

Name: Lauren Pigatto

Major: Communication Studies

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit.

Lauren Pigatto: I'm wearing dar skinny jeans, black boots and a tan trench coat with my sequin bag.

CF: What is your favorite brand or designer?

LP: I really like the classic style of Kate Spade. A lot of the clothes and accessories are timeless and not too trendy so that you find yourself buying something you wear only once.

CF: What’s your favorite season in fashion?

LP: I like to dress for summer because I feel that you have so many more options than other seasons. I really like the ease of just throwing on a floral sundress or a short romper.

How To: With the variety of styles, colors, and patterns, it’s not surprising that trench coats have become a staple for any Fashionista! J. Crew has the perfect classic khaki trench coat. For those who want a little more flare, opt for a bright red trench coat like one from Nordstrom. For a more feminine look, Betsey Johnson has a ruffled trench.  To add some sparkle to your ensemble, try a sequin bag or clutch.

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