Since spring sprang, I have found that wearing boots with a dress is a total hit or miss. Undoubtedly, it is hard to nail a look like this with such a wide spectrum on which one could land. On one end is the cowboy-esque look and the other is rebel rocker. This Fashionista caught my eye because she has landed her intended look; her outfit is not overly inspired by one look or another. Her outfit epitomizes the relaxed transition of spring to summer and reveals her chic, cool style.

Name: Lauren Ralphs

Major: Communication Arts

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What recent trend do you find intriguing and how have you incorporated it into your style?

Lauren Ralphs: I love how much lace has been in stores now that it's spring. I’ve tried to incorporate more lace into my style because it adds a feminine touch without being too overpowering.

CF: What is your favorite color to wear and why?

LR: I wear a lot of blue because it reminds me of summer! I realize this probably doesn’t make very much sense, but it has something to do with growing up by the beach and the summer time meaning blue skies and being by the ocean.

CF: To whom do you look up stylistically and how does he or she inspire your style?

LR: I admire Kate Bosworth’s style because everything she wears looks effortlessly chic. I try to capture her look by not matching my outfit too perfectly and instead creating variety with different patterns or textures.

How To: To own this look, first choose a pair of boots. I love this Fashionista’s choice of her Matisse Grifter boots because you cannot quite pinpoint the color of them, which is sort of gray and sort of blue. This is a nice change from your typical brown or black boots and it makes the outfit that much more interesting. Once you have picked out your boots, next look for a dress. I would suggest a lightweight dress as the Fashionista did; with the dominance of your boots on the bottom, a flowy, lighter dress will balance your look. I would further recommend a neutral color as well. With the constant breeze here in Madison, a sweater or a jacket is almost always necessary. However, a denim button-up shirt is an awesome spring-inspired alternative. The Fashionista rocks her look with a darker, slightly oversized denim shirt to bring the outfit together. For the warmer weather ladies, forget the sweater and try a trilby hat if you are feeling a little daring. This Fashionista kept the jewelry modest, but add a big silver or brass necklace to incorporate some hardware. Your look is now complete. Happy styling!

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