I caught this Fashionista taking advantage of Duke’s beautiful weather in a fun and flirty denim dress! Decked out in fantastic nude and cork wedges, pearl earrings and an extraordinary denim frock, this week’s Fashionista stood out amongst the infinite running shorts and lacrosse pinnies that plague our campus. The dress, tailored with pleats and lapels, is the perfect shade of light-washed denim. Her oversized, ornate pearl earrings were spectacular enough that they were the only accessory she needed. She finished her outfit off with the perfect daytime wedge, a cork heel with nude patent leather accents.

Name: Lauren Vickers

Major: English

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Lauren Vickers: I’m wearing Steve Madden blush colored wedges, denim dress by, earrings from Forever21 and camisole by Niki Biki.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop on a college student’s budget?

LV: I love online shopping! My favorites are,,, They are all affordable websites with very original clothing.

CF: What are your favorite pieces for fall?

LV:  Houndstooth everything! I have a few small houndstooth accessories, but I would love a tailored houndstooth dress similar in style to one Victoria Beckham wore.

CF: What’s a typical outfit you wear around campus?

LV: I am big fan of blazers and jackets with jeans and flats for everyday wear.

How To: Usually denim is pretty easy to do. You can throw on a jean jacket or your favorite pair of jeans and not have to put too much thought into the outfit after that point. However, entering this zone of denim dresses and skirts is an entirely different ball game. When looking for a denim dress, stick to lighter-washed denim dresses that have been tailored and have a specific shape. You’re more likely to look frumpy in a jean shirt-dress than if you pick something that accentuates your waistline or shows off your legs. One of the sites that this week’s Fashionista recommended,, actually has two great denim dresses you should check out. The first is the Yes,You Kansas dress with a ruffled bust, cute polka dots and a shade of blue you’ll find hard to believe is denim. Next is the Coy in Denim dress, which is a medium wash, with an open back and a flattering A-line skirt. Next, look for large, eye-catching earrings like these Coral Flower studs featured on Finish it all off and find a pair of sky-high wedges, for the perfect daytime wedge. My ideal daytime wedge either has a cork or rope heel. Try these GLISTENN wedges from

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