The very thought of menswear-inspired may seem unfeminine, however it is rather sexy and reinterpreted practically every season into a new trend. The tuxedo jacket was a mega trend this fall, and designers such as Balmain feminized this masculine piece with plunging necklines, stiletto boots and shimmery gold. Needless to say, menswear-inspired fashion is a classic look and very common. That trusty pair of boyfriend jeans, your worn-in oxfords or vintage blazer, yes, they all scream, “testosterone.” Take cues from icons such as Patti Smith and Diane Keaton circa Annie Hall who are the epitome of this style. This Fashionista’s look is definitely not as androgynous as Agyness Deyn, but her H&M shirtdress does resemble an oversized men’s button-down. 

Name: Lauren Vislocky 

Major: Writing and Literature 

Year: Sophomore 

CollegeFashionista: Describe your style in three words. 

Lauren Vislocky: Comfy, vintage and whatever looks pulled together. 

CF: What is your favorite part of your outfit? 

LV: I love these boots. I would definitely say that they’re my go-to boots. I actually have two pairs of them. 

CF: What are a few your favorite stores? 

LV: H&M, Macy’s and Forever 21. 

CF: Who inspires your style? 

LV: I am definitely inspired by classic movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. 

How To: To get this Fashionista’s look take a fashion risk and raid your boyfriend’s or dad’s closet for a button-down shirt! Try this striped one by J.Crew or pick up a shirt at Goodwill for on the cheap. Roll up the sleeves, unbutton the top three buttons and cinch it at the waist with a thin black belt. Wear opaque black tights underneath and black leather boots. For the winter months try a herringbone peacoat such as this one by Guess. 

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