After stumbling upon this Fashionista, I was immediately intrigued as to why she was dressed to the nines on a casual Friday.  I found her outfit to be a beautiful cacophony, which she impeccably pieced together with a medley of accessories. Her dress is well manicured to her body shape and her blazer adds structure to the overall look. The minor detail of adding a cuff to her blazer does not go unnoticed and contributes to the polished essence. She threw in a wild card with her argyle scarf, adding a nuance of pattern and color. Lauren concluded the look with a tasteful nude legging, simple ballet flats, a delicate necklace, and timeless pearl earrings.

Name: Lauren Wilson

Major: Pre-Business with a minor in Dance.

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: I’m dying to know, do you always dress this exquisitely?

Lauren Wilson: I attempt to! Fridays are when I go all out because the business cohort I am a member of requires that we dress in formal attire.

CF: What happens in the business cohort? 

LW: It is designed to provide multicultural students with resources for getting into the business school.

CF: Where are your pieces from?

LW: My dress is from Love Culture, my blazer is from H&M, my flats are from Forever 21, my tights are from Fred Meyer and my jewelry is from Charlotte Rousse.

CF: Since dance is your minor, how does it affect your style?

LW: I find it imperative to incorporate fashion with my lifestyle. I like to include my girly and professional sense of style when wearing my dance attire.

How To: To emulate a look like Lauren’s, find a well-tailored dress and accompany it with a sharp blazer. Next add the minute, yet crucial, details to the look. Find a scarf that pops with design and color, casual flats and finishing jewelry.

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