When it's good enough for the runway, it's good enough for the streets of San Diego. After years of being told that mixing textures with patterns is a fashion faux pas, the runways have finally let us continue with taking clothing experimentation to another level. Today's Fashionista, Layla White, pulls together a casual look by pairing a flowy top with a solid black bandeau, jean shorts and fringe boots. Mixing jean shorts with various styles of brown boots is a great way to delicately mesh the end of the summer seaon with early fall fashion trends. Like Layla, topping off the look with an embellished headband or a cuff is a great way to subtlely add detail to an outfit without ruining the feel of femininity.  

Name: Layla White

Major: Undeclared

Year: Junior

College Fashionista: What stores do you enjoy shopping at?

Layla White: Urban Outfitters and Topshop. I also love to rummage through thirft shops for those fun pieces.

CFWhen picking out your outfits, which notable figures do you look up to?

LW: Definitely Sienna Miller. 

CF: Which fashion magazines do you enjoy flipping through?

LW: I don't read any magazines, really. But I enjoy Vogue from time to time. 

CF: I hear an English accent in there. Since moving to San Diego, do you find yourself looking to locals for fashion do's and don'ts?

LW: Definitely. I like how people here dress very down to earth and relaxed. Beachy styles are common in Pacific Beach as well. 

How to: Want to look girly but still earn street cred? Pull an old pair of jean shorts out of your closet we all know you have a few different washes hidden around your closet somewhere. For a nice blouse that can last you many seasons, visit Topshop Unique. Purchasing can be done in a snap online, or you can buy your clothes in person if you are in the New York City area. Head to Forever 21 for an embellished headband, and top off the look with a pair of fringe boots from Urban Outfitters. Tada! Perfection.

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