Leather is one item that definitely gets better with age. This Fashionista’s brown leather jacket immediately caught my attention. Warmer than shades of black, this deep chestnut shade can be paired with virtually anything.

Name: Lera Simpson

Year: Senior

Major: Public Administration

CollegeFashionista: If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be?

Lera Simpson: I’m not going to lie, but I love Molly Ringwald’s outfits in The Breakfast Club. I’m a big fan of the eighties!

CF: What is your favorite era regarding fashion?

LS: Seriously, I love to draw inspiration from the eighties for everyday looks.  Keds, rolled up jeans, that whole style — and dresses and prints from the sixties.

CF: Can you describe your everyday look?

LS: The traveler, outdoorsy, hipster look. I’m usually in jeans or corduroys, or a casual sundress. I love layers like button downs and scarves.

CF: Where do you love to shop?

LS: Eddie Bauer. Since I’m in college I’m definitely on a budget. Old Navy, Gap and I love Wrangler jeans. The “fashion lines’ of Patagonia and other outdoorsy brands are really great, I especially love their casual dresses. And I love thrift stores!

CF: What is your favorite color to wear?

LS: Earth tones such as burnt oranges and greens. Any fall colors! I also like to go big and wear really bright colors that pop.

CF: What is on your holiday wish-list?

LS: Fair Isle sweaters! Corduroy pants, some canvas Vans and Patagonia tennis shows, skinny jeans.

CF: Tell me more about your leather jacket?

LS: My dad gave it to my mom for Christmas before they were even married! It’s from the eighties and she recently gave it to me. I love to wear it with scarves, since you can always see the layers peeking out. I usually wear a button-down or Henley top underneath.

How To: Lera’s outfit is composed of staples that many of us ladies have in our closet today. Dark denim with a couple of rolls at the hem give a relaxed vibe to the outfit. If you don’t already have a leather jacket, check out local thrift stores for vintage pieces, or take a note from this Fashionista and ask your parents!

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