As young women in New York, trying to form our fashion identities can be a bit challenging. In our attempts to be “taken seriously” by those that are older around us, we try to dress very maturely. Excessively so at times. Though it may make us feel all sophisticated and cool when a person mistakens us for a 25 year old, there is a tragic element in that as well. We are in college after all and we only have so little time to embrace our girly-girl selves. So little time before the real world hits and we are confined to pant suits and “work-appropriate” dresses.

The Fashionista I spotted today on campus reminded me of these fashion matters. She exuded the confidence of a “real” adult while staying true to herself: the flirty, fun college girl persona. Wearing a peach collared blouse, statement jewelery and a cute navy skirt, she looked mature, but didn't overdo it. Ladies, there is a reason why everyone says “college is the four best years of your life.” So let's do it up and dress the part too.

College Fashionista: How would you describe your day to day style?

Liana Gergely: My day- to -day style really depends on my mood,what I'm doing, and where I'm going. I'm a big jeans and converse girl but definitely enjoy playing with my style and putting together outfits. It’s a creative process for me that I really look forward to. I would describe my style as elegant, girly, bohemian and cozy. My family is European, so my style definitely has a Parisian element to it.

CF: What were you feeling when you put on your outfit?

LG: I plan my outfits out the night before, and when I put this together I thought about how I can make certain elegant staple pieces like a collared chiffon blouse and a navy high waisted skirt more fun. I always think about how to add an eclectic accessory that is going to give my outfit the high fashion edge, so I added the jeweled statement necklace and buckled coach boots.

CF: Do you think your style represents your personality?

Yeah, I think my style represents the fun and confident part of my personality. It’s colorful and full of life and I try to work on that same energetic enthusiasm in my personality.

CF: If you could make over one aspect of your fashion wardrobe, what would you change? What would you add? Replace?

LG: I'm actually pretty content with my wardrobe–my style is constantly changing so I don't spend too much on individual pieces because I always want to try new trends and like varying up what's in my closet. I like having that liberty and have a good eye for picking out non-expensive items that look great and work well with more high end pieces.  However, if I could change one thing it would be to buy a couple pairs of good quality jeans. I love my urban outfitters and top shop jeans but the color fades from them and I hope to splurge on a nice pair of blue ankle cigarette jeans soon for the spring!

CF: Favorite stores in NY?

LG: I'm from LA and love the shopping there and in Europe so I usually wait until I go home. I also online shop: and are my two favorites.


How To: To make your own girly girl-esque outfit, pull together some basics such as a short skirt from American Apparel, a flowy top in any fun color and then some cute jewelery. You can even opt for a little cashmere sweater or one with bows. For shoes, go with something simple such as oxfords or keds. And there you have it. Sugar, spice and everything nice!


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