The essence of FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT is unique, original style which stands out head and shoulders above the rest. No matter the occasion, the circumstances or the environment, nothing compromises these Fashionistas’ inherent creative flair and today’s Fashionista certainly qualifies in her dramatic gothic get-up. While she was initially a little camera-shy given the fact that a hectic exam schedule has seen her abandon her usual make-up routine and signature red lipstick, I think we can all agree that her style and overall look is no less striking. Describing her style as somewhere between “a little Parisian woman on a bicycle and a full-on Goth” and naming her must-have piece as a retro ‘80s leather jacket with huge puffy shoulders, today’s outfit undoubtedly is only providing a snapshot of her wonderfully eclectic fashion tastes. From her unique style, to tips on vintage shopping and outfit customising, she spotlights all that is fabulous about originality in fashion.

Name: Lianne Hickey

Major: Art History and English

Year: Three

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Lianne Hickey: My style is quite unique — it alternates from a little Parisian woman on a bicycle to a full-on Goth. I find it hard to be casual; usually I have a full face of make-up on and dramatic red lipstick.

CF: From whom or where do you draw your fashion inspiration?

LH: I don’t really have a specific icon or follow trends. I find inspiration all around me from my friends, browsing online and rummaging through charity shops.

CF: If there was one item of clothing or accessory you could not live without, what would it be and why?

LH: This ‘80s leather coat with big puffy sleeves that I bought in a charity shop for five euro. It was such a bargain and I wear it all of the time – I don’t know what I would do without it.

CF: Do you have any advice for shopping vintage?

LH: Shopping vintage is great but customising your clothes is a great idea for those who like their style original and unique. Even just have a look around the high street sales and think of ways to wear something differently. Always think outside the box.

CF: Do you have a particular style tip that you would like to pass on to CollegeFashionistas everywhere?

LH: Don’t be afraid to clash – if you get it right it can look amazing.                                                                            

How To: This Fashionista knows the power of a black overcoat in striking a dramatic style statement. Follow her lead and recreate her gothic look with this loose boyfriend coat by Liquorish at ASOS. Her beaded detail flatforms add a touch of funky geek chic to her look and are a refreshing change to the Docs and biker boots which are so typical of the gothic look. Get her look with these black suedette flatforms from She nails the look by balancing her dramatic coat and shoes with more understated pieces, opting for a pair of simple sheer tights and a beige oversized sweater. This Zara sweater will provide the perfect contrast against the dominant black palette of the outfit.

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