As crazy as this month has been with fashions shows every couple of days, it’s good to see that students like Libby Snouffer, are still taking the time and effort to look great. Facing rain and wind, Libby braved the weather to get to class and did so in style. I asked her a little bit about the upcoming Retail Studies Organization Fashion Show, as well as where she draws her inspiration.

Name: Libby Snouffer

Major: Telecom, Fashion Design Certificate

Year Senior

College Fashionista: Since you are a fashion design student, will you be showing any of your work in the upcoming RSO Fashion Show (April 7)?

Libby Snouffer: Yes, I have a sheer lace top with floral trim, a floral skirt paired with a vest I made out of old t-shirts, and a pair of tweed shorts with a sheer black top I made out of vintage gloves.

CF: Where do you draw inspiration for you designs?

LS: I love nature and rock and roll. The 70s are a huge inspiration for me right now.

CF: Which Spring 2011 fashion shows influenced you most?

LS: I loved the fabrics from Marc Jacobs; so colorful and vintage-looking! I also loved Vivienne Westwood’s Red Collection. She is such a rockstar.

How To: Libby’s look could brighten up any rainy day, and you can have that too. What I love most about this look is that she took a summer romper and paired it with other items for spring. Therefore, the first thing you’ll need to recreate this look is a great romper. Next you’ll need a colorful pair of rain boots to brighten up the rainy day. Simply pair with tights and a black jacket, and you’ll be good to go, rain or shine!

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