The working woman should be two things: stylish and serious. Be able to have that authoritativeness in her look, but still have fun with whatever it is that is being worn. Personally, heels mean power, flats mean comfort, there’s one way to look at it. The Fashionista that I got this week was able to show the fun in being able to look great, while still having that spark of business.

Name: Lily Lopez

Year: Freshman

Major: Political Science

CollegeFashionista: What does business casual mean to you?

Lily Lopez: It means having to be dressy, but still having fun with it.

CF: Is it better to be conservative or flirty/chic/fun at work?

LL: It really depends on the situation. If it’s an every day work day, then absolutely fun and chic, but if it’s a staff meeting or something more important, then I would go with a slightly more conservative look, but still keep that fun feel.

CF: Trouser leg pants or a skirt?

LL: It’s good to switch it up, but I prefer skirts.

CF: The higher the heel, the better?

LL: Ideally, yes the higher the heel, the better, but realistically, you want something that’s high enough to make you feel sexy, but still be able to walk without pain for a long period of time.

How To: Lily’s look is really based on what you feel comfortable with. A blazer is a really great piece to have in your closet. You can mix that up with a plain shirt underneath, accessorize it some a necklace, or pearls if you have any. Then, you can either go with the chic shorts, the more business pants or a skirt. All three would go well with heels.

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