There’s something so feminine and chic about ruffles and pleats, and that's what instantly drew my eye to this Fashionista’s blouse. The ruffled half-button-up is a sophisticated look that multiple designers have been featuring lately, both in runway and ready-to-wear clothing. Ruffles not only add volume where it may be needed, but they add texture to an ensemble. Along with ruffles, pleated clothing is become more and more popular, especially on blouses, skirts and dresses. The pleated trend is even continuing into the next year, as it was seen in Prada’s most recent runway show for spring/summer 2012.

Name: Linnea Rummage

Major: Fashion Merchandising & Marketing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit.

Linnea Rummage: I’m wearing a black blazer from H&M and a blouse that I got from a local vintage store. I really liked the buttons and ruffles near the collar. Then I just have jeans and black boots on.

CF: Who is your style icon?

LR: The Kardashians are my style icon. All three of them have a distinct style and I just love them all. They are unique and trendy, but also stick to what they like. One of my favorite trends is cheetah print and they definitely rock it.

CF: What’s your favorite trend and why?

LR: Well as I said before, I love cheetah print. I think it adds a little something to an otherwise boring outfit. I also really love scarves for fall and winter. They are a good accessory and also practical because they keep you warm.

How To: Any Fashionista can rock pleats or ruffles! It’s all about the placement and fit of the garment. Looking for a blouse exactly like this Fashionista’s vintage item may be difficult, but there are definitely options similar with pleats and/or ruffles. For a half-button-up blouse with subtle ruffles, J.Crew has a variety of colors and patterns. If pleats are more your style, go for a cute, sheer button-up with pleats along the chest. For dresses, try this dress with both pleats and ruffles. Like this Fashionista displayed, many outfits can be topped off with a cute boyfriend blazer.

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