While walking out of the fashion design studio, I ran into this cozy Fashionista, Lisa, and instantly needed to know more about her. Her real fox fur hat caught my attention right away, and after I saw her combat boots I was completely hooked. I decided to ask her a couple of questions about what inspires her day-to-day looks.

Name: Lisa Vitkin

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications and Culture

College Fashionista: So Lisa, where do you draw inspiration for your style?

Lisa Vitkin: I get a lot of inspiration from H&M models, then try to recreate the look through thrifting. I also draw from the female artists of my favorite bands.

CF: What are the bands you are referring to?

LV: Metric and Easley

CF: Do you have a favorite color/texture/print that you like to wear?

LV: I really like animal prints, but only in small doses. I also like red and black a lot, but I usually don’t mix a lot of colors with the prints I wear.

How To: If you want to recreate this look, the first and most important item you’ll need is this fur hat which can be found at Urban Outfitters. Then pair this hoodie under this jacket from Free People. Finally, grab a pair of black combat boots and you too, may by the next Fashionista in the spotlight!

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