It was another cold, dark winter day in Bloomington when I came upon this fashion student, Lorry. I was instantly drawn to her Ray-Ban clubmaster glasses and decided she would be the perfect candidate for an interview this week. When I sat down to talk with her, I found out a couple of really interesting details.

Name: Lorry Plasterer

Year: Senior

Major: Apparel Merchandising/Fashion Design

College Fashionista: Lorry, what are two words that you would use to describe your style?

Lorry Plasterer: Eclectic, meaning sometimes earthy, and chic, but not too conservative.

CF: What celebrity would you most closely compare your style to?

LP: I would say a mix between Mila Kunis and Carey Mulligan.

CF: When did you develop an interest in fashion?

LP: I’ve always had an interest in fashion, but it was really toward the end of high school when I got really involved in it.

How To: To get a look like Lorry’s, the most important thing you’ll need is a pair of vintage-inspired glasses. Try these tinted glasses from Urban Outfitters. Next you’ll want to get a great vest so try a similar look with this puffer vest. If you’re in love with the toggles on Lorry’s vest, check out this toggle coat. Grab a long sleeve tee and skinny jeans that you already have in your closest, pair with these sweet little oxford shoes, and you’ll be just as eclectic and chic as Lorry!

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