In the midst of eating lunch I spotted this darling Fashionista, and I couldn’t resist approaching her before I had left the restaurant. She carries herself with a grace that I am envious of and a refinement that does not come around often. There is a sense of ease that I took from Maddie’s demeanor and outfit that gave me the feeling that styling comes naturally to her. Her effortless poise is seen from the ringlets that frame her face to the simple belt that ties her outfit together. Maddie’s ensemble epitomizes the transition of winter to spring wear not because of its colors or polka-dotted pattern, but because of its perfect amount of skin exposure on a cool Oregon spring day. She eases into spring by stripping off the wool coat, hat and gloves but maintains warm by opting for a long sleeve and lengthy skirt. I love the movement that the skirt’s length provides. I additionally adore the skirt’s polka-dotted element which is feminine and simple, allowing her to choose from a variety of tops to accompany it. Her artisan oxfords also declare spring with the riddance of wintery thick socks and rain boots. Lastly, the sling across her shoulder adds a nice punch of color in contrast to the dark shades of her look. Maddie’s look ignites my eagerness for spring wear as she exemplifies how to gradually dabble in this season’s attire.

Name: Maddie Gunson

Employer: American Apparel

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Maddie Gunson: I would say lazy and cheap.

CF: Where are your pieces from?

MG: My sweater is from Urban Outfitters, my skirt is from American Apparel and my oxfords are from Urban Outfitters.

CF: What are you most looking forward with spring fashion?

MG: I can’t wait for neon and bright colors!

CF: Any current fashion endeavors you are hoping to achieve?

MG: My main goal is to not dress lazier than I already do. I hope to exert effort when putting together any outfit.

How To: To compile a look like Maddie’s, find a plain black long sleeve, ideally one that feels snug and comfortable. With that shirt, find a long, high-waisted skirt that is light and airy. American Apparel sells a variety of these skirts that come in varying patterns like the polka dotted pattern as Maddie sports, as well as a variety of colors. Find one that is suited for your personal flavor. Join together the long sleeve and skirt with a thin belt in a neutral color, such as a tan or nude. Finish off the look with adorned oxfords and a tote in a bright color.

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