While we pride ourselves on being fashion-forward campus trend-setters, some days we CollegeFashionistas wake up wanting nothing more than to reach for the comfy, effortless option – tracksuit and Uggs, anyone? While our better judgement will usually provide us with the motivation needed to avoid said fashion malfunction, it cannot be denied that it is often a struggle to find an outfit which will provide comfort while ensuring we make a unique fashion statement. Well, say Hallelujah, because today’s Fashionista is setting the example, striking a funky, eclectic statement in this gorgeous tunic and pixie boots. Her love for vintage and originality coupled with a preference for casual and comfy allows her to capture the perfect campus look, whether cooped up studying in the library or meeting friends for lunch. Citing her icon as the inimitable Alexa Chung, famed for always ‘getting it right’ no matter what the occasion, she has certainly been following her fashion notes closely. This Fashionista sets herself apart from the pack with an eclectic, unique fashion sense which not only mixes comfort and style, but also fuses the old and the new. CollegeFashionistas, take note!

Name: Maeve Bradley

Major: Medicine

Year: Two

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Maeve Bradley: I would describe it as being very vintage or vintage-inspired. I tend not to follow current trends and I don’t really read magazines – I prefer to work out my own unique style from what I find in stores.

CF: From whom or where do you draw your fashion inspiration?

MB: In terms of icons, I love Alexa Chung’s style and I always look her up on the internet to see what she’s wearing. Rachel Bilson has fab style also. 

CF: Are you influenced by the style you see around your campus?

MB: Yes, definitely. I think you always sit up and take notice when you come across someone who has really put an effort into their outfit of a day – that in itself is inspiring to make more of an effort with your own style. 

CF: If there was one item of clothing or accessory you could not live without, what would it be and why?

MB: My jewellery, specifically earrings. It’s the one part of my outfit that I always make a really big effort with. I have so much of it, including some pieces passed down from my mother and my grandmother as well so I like to incorporate them into my outfits as much as I can.

CF: Do you have a particular style tip that you would like to pass on to CollegeFashionistas everywhere?

MB: No matter what the occasion it always pays to put in an effort with your clothes and overall image.

How To: For all those who struggle to balance comfort with fashion, this Fashionista has found the solution to all of your problems with this loose, belted tunic. Recreate the geometric-patterned look with this colour block tunic from Motel Veronica at ASOS, tying at the waist with a skinny belt to add structure, or opt for a dressier take on the look with this long-sleeved tunic from New Look. Her pixie boots give a distinctly bohemian feel to the outfit, while her fringed neck scarf adds an eclectic touch to her overall look. Steal her style with these Office ankle boots and this paisley print scarf from Accessorize.

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