Summer internships often call for seriously drab clothing that can suck the fun out of every CollegeFashionista’s wardrobe. Dressing for an office internship can often be tricky and many Fashionistas find themselves downplaying their usually fabulous outfits in order to keep things office appropriate. But don’t worry; having a summer internship doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to all of the fashionable pieces in your wardrobe! Take it from this Fashionista, whose fear of boring khakis helped her create a stylish yet sophisticated look for another day at the office.

Name: Margaret Murphy

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism and Political Science

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your outfit today?

Margaret Murphy: I have a summer internship at a politician’s office and I have to dress nicely. I don’t want to wear khaki’s (I don’t even own a pair) so I chose this outfit. I didn’t want to look too dressed up and this skirt is the perfect length for the office. I wanted to look casual but also professional.

CF: What would you say is your signature style?

MM: I would say it is very classic. I wear a lot of basic colors. Sometimes I dress my outfit up with accessories but I try to stick with the basic classy items I grew up seeing my mom wear.

CF: What summer trend do you wish you wore more of?

MM: I have a lot of basic tanks that I wear with everything. I always see rompers and would like to start wearing them because I think they are flattering on petite figures like mine.

How To: Many Fashionistas struggle when dressing for a summer internship, torn between the safe khakis and the trendy skirt. But having an internship doesn’t mean you have to trade in all of your summer dresses for the dreaded pant suit. Feel free to wear your favorite sundress to the office, as long as it is the appropriate length and doesn’t show too much skin. A basic cardigan is a must-have summer internship piece and allows you to add a sophisticated spin to your outfit while keeping warm in your air conditioned cubicle. Take note from this Fashionista and pair a comfortable skirt with a detailed top and flats when headed to the office. Also don’t be afraid to accessorize. Margaret scored her headband from the dollar bin at Walgreens and threw on a pair of classic pearl earrings to finish off her office-ready look.

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