While I was out for one of the rare sunny days that we’ve had lately in Bloomington, I decided to pop into my favorite local vintage store and came across this Fashionista. Mariah Srygler, a Poetry and Literature student, caught my eye because of her colorful attire. From her hair to her shoes, it seemed that color was an important aspect of her wardrobe. Naturally I had to know more about her.

Name: Mariah Srygler

Year: Freshman

Major: Poetry/Literature

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Mariah Srygler: Ethnic inspired, funky, and free-spirited.

CF: What do you think others think of your style?

MS: I think some people may find it “weird,” but other probably find it colorful and fun!

CF: Give us a glimpse into your closest. What would we find?

MS: I like Free People and vintage, so you would find a lot of that!

How To: As mentioned above, Mariah’s style consists of a great deal of color. To mimic her look, try this festive and funky jacket from Urban Outfitters. You’ll also need a scarf and a cozy pair of jeans to get the look just right. Complete your outfit with any fun pair of TOMS Shoes (a personal favorite of mine) and a cool pair of earrings. Finally, if you’re not as brave as Mariah when it comes to putting colors in your hair, try this new trend: feather extensions. These crazy little things allow you to the make your hair into a fun accessory, without the permanence of a dye. Just remember to play with colors and textures, and you could be just as stylish as Mariah!

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