As I passed by this stunning Fashionista on her way to a Sunday brunch, I was absolutely in awe by her entire look. From her enormous sun hat down to her sky high leather wedges, this Fashionista knew how to be daring yet oh-so-classy at the same time. She is the epitome of summer fashion and, lucky for us, she took a few minutes to tell me all about her sense of fashion.

Name: Mariana Berbert

Year: Senior

Major: Social Work and Spanish Literature

College Fashionsita: How has your style evolved over your time at the University?

Mariana Berbert: When I got to college I had a very commercial style. I would go to a store and just get whatever was cute, without really taking risks. Then I went through a harsher phase. I was wearing darker clothes; a little hipster vibe I would say. Lately, though, I’ve gotten more comfortable with being girly and not feeling over the top about it.

CF: How would you describe your style?

MB: It’s eclectic, but definitely feminine. And now that I am getting older it has become more classic. When I shop, I have to think about if I can wear this to work or to my internship.

CF: What films have inspired your fashion sense?

MB: The movie Down With Love has amazing fashion. It’s all about the beginning of the feminist movement and the styles are very over the top '60s and I just love it! I adore the way they dress in the film. I’ve watched it over and over again.

CF: Since you moved to Madison from Sao Paulo, Brazil, how has the difference in cities influenced your style?

MB: In the summer I feel a lot more Brazilian here. I am able to bring back what I wore at home with tiny sundresses, short jean shorts and strappy sandals. Brazilians are all about the heels. I grew up with my grandmother telling me that you do not go to the Plaza without wearing high heels, otherwise you’re not a true Brazilian woman. But it’s nice because in the winter I feel a lot more American. Cold weather clothing is something I’ve never had to wear at home so it's been really fun learning a whole new side to fashion. I love mixing the styles of the states and home, it’s a great way to diversify my looks. 

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