If “casual girly” was the name of the game, then Marley Martin would win the gold. This Fashionista knows just how to play up her features in her laid back pieces, but easily makes her style unique with her feminine accessories. Her style is spot on with the latest trends, keeping her polished and poised, embodying everything a sorority girl strives for.

Name: Marley Martin
Year: Junior
Major: History

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?
Marley Martin: Trendy. I like to follow the trends. Jackets are in, so I have a lot of jackets and scarves that have a pop of color. I leave the rest just neutral so I don’t overdo it.

CF: What is your favorite accessory for the Oregon weather?
MM: Rain boots!

CF: What inspires your style?
MM: I would say the weather. Like during the fall, I like to wear more browns and oranges and other fall colors. During the spring and summer I go with brighter colors.

CF: What are your favorite stores that are budget-friendly for college students?
MM: Target has really good wallets that are cute and functional. I have a wallet that has a strap that connects to it so it turns into a purse too which is really functional because you can put it in a bag or wear it as a bag.

CF: What’s your everyday accessory go-to?
MM: I wear my watch and myTiffany’s bracelet everyday.

How To: To get Marley’s immaculate look, you need to find the perfect pair skinny jeans. A dark wash works with everything and has a very clean look. A simple white T-shirt won’t deflect from a statement jacket like Marley’s military-style jacket. Marley’s accessories really take her outfit from everyday wear to ultra-feminine. Find a scarf with a floral detail in a bright color to allow your outfit to go from neutral to playful without going over-the-top. A simple leather watch takes any outfit to the next level of refinery, and, of course, you can’t ignore that unforgettable Tiffany bracelet that every girl in the world–including Holly Golightly–dreams of owning.

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