Appearances are important when going to class; not only do you want to impress your classmates with your impeccable fashion taste, but you also want to look professional and smart. Crisp, white shirts and close-toed shoes paired with cream slacks are a perfect combination to show your professors that you mean business. A bright handbag adds the perfect amount of casualness, keeping the look fresh and youthful.

Name: Martsina Pilchuk

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Martsina Pilchuk: My bottoms and shoes are from Urban Outfitters. The bag is by Zara. I don’t remember where I got the shirt or belt but they’re pretty basic and easily found at many places.

CF: If you could steal the wardrobe of anyone, who would it be?

MP: I would pick Mariannan, a popular fashion blogger from Finland. I really love her style!

CF: What are your go-to or favorite pair of shoes?

MP: My go-to shoes are a good pair of loafers like the ones I’m wearing today. They’re comfortable, easy to walk in and trendy. They also go with any outfit.

How To: Many of the components of this outfit should be in your closet already. Try this white oxford shirt from J.Crew to give your look a business vibe. Pair the shirt with these ankle length cream pants from H&M and use a skinny black belt from Urban Outfitters to keep the like-colors from blending together too much. Opt for black loafers by Steve Madden that you can incorporate into a variety of outfits. Add a pop of color with a red satchel by Michael Kors; you’ll be ready to tackle your classes and look great doing it! All of these items are wardrobe staples, so it's definitely reasonable to invest in quality pieces that will last much longer than your undergraduate years. 

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