Summer is all about playing with patterns. This season we are seeing a lot of tribal prints, and true Fashionistas knows leopard print never goes out of style. But while these patterns are fun, nothing says summer like a feminine floral print. Floral patterns have always been a staple, worn by everyone from hippies to Jackie Kennedy, and the pattern is infamously used by fashion icons like Diane von Furstenberg. This season, Fashionistas have been rocking all sorts of floral patterns that oddly resemble grandma’s shabby-chic curtains. (I promise this is a compliment.)

Name: Mary Jane Grier

Year: Junior

Major: Interdepartmental Studies with a business focus

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your dress.

Mary Jane Grier: I actually got it at Target. I have been wearing a lot of florals, and pink is my favorite color.

CF: What trend have you found yourself wearing a lot of this summer?

MJG: I wear a lot of cotton dresses like the one I have on now. They are so simple and light. I woke up late for class this morning and throwing on this dress was easy.

CF: Who is your style icon?

MJG: Blake Lively. She is the it girl right now and we have very similar body types. I just love her girly style.

How To: Choosing a flattering floral print can often be challenging and many Fashionistas tend to shy away from the in your face femininity of the pattern. This season florals are everywhere and if you have been itching to take part in this girly trend, summer is the perfect time to experiment. If you are looking for an easy way to rock the print, go for a simple frock like Mary Jane’s. We have also been seeing a lot of floral bottoms in light fabrics that are perfect for summer when paired with a simple tank and bright colored sandals.

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