Sometimes I enjoy like putting a little extra attention into my outfit just because, and people will presume I’m dressed for a special occasion. When I stopped to photograph this week’s Fashionista, I asked her if she were dressed up for any particular reason, and she answered, “Because it’s Wednesday!” That’s my favorite response to such a question. And really, any day ending in “Y” is a great day for retro glam.  I especially liked her bowler hat, which made for a unique touch to her vintage-esque outfit. Special kudos to Mary’s coordination to wear heels on a school day.

Name: Mary Nguyen

Major: Chemistry

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are some of your favorite retro inspired pieces?

Mary Nguyen: I like really good prints and really good color like the navy blue color of the dress. I was going for a retro ladylike look. Color and shape are important to me.

CF: How would you describe your style?

MN: I dress depending on my mood. I'd probably say girly, I like a lot of skirts and high heels. I like to have a little something interesting with whatever I’m wearing. I’d never wear sweats! Sometimes yoga pants for comfort.

CF: Where's the hat from?

MN: The hat’s from H&M, last November.

CF: How has your style changed from high school?

MN: I’m wearing a lot more heels and skirts. In high school I’d wear more comfy clothes, but now I feel like I can dress up more.

CF: How do you shop on a college budget?

MN: A lot of Forever 21, because they have a lot of cute stuff for cheap. I also find very versatile pieces like neutral colors I can wear again and again in different ways. I hit the thrift store a lot, they have a lot of super stylish stuff for cheap.

How To: Take advantage of the early spring like weather and break out your finest polka-dot dress, like this Nannette Lepore dress or this sleeveless Delia’s dress. If you’d like a stylish shoe but don’t think you can handle heels in the daytime, try these bow flats from J. Crew. To finish the look, try Urban Outfitters for a bowler hat similar to Mary’s.

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