Just as I was heading home for the day, I spotted this creative Fashionista crossing the street and walking in my direction. I stopped her for a brief moment to get the scoop on her style and what kind of clothing she'll be sporting this spring.

Fashionista: Mausi Okesanjo

Year: Senior

Major: Community Health/ Minor: Chemistry

CollegeFashionista: How do you reflect your personality through the way you dress?

Mausi Okesanjo: The way I dress reflects what sort of mood I'm in or what message I want to reveal. I'm a mostly happy person so I tend to wear a lot of bright colors. Days where I’m in a sort of mellow mood, I wear dark colors, but never black. Black portrays sadness, and I never want to express that through my fashion.

CF: Now that spring is near, what seasonal trends are you looking forward to the most?

MO: I’m looking forward to old school baggy clothes—big belly tops, boyfriend shorts with stockings and boots, cool leather jackets, neon color shoes, very bright and happy colors and so much more. I’m pretty much looking forward to something fun, exciting and different. When I think of spring, I think of color, and I hope to see a lot of them.

How To: Finding a great jacket or coat with a bold pattern like Mausi’s is quite simple. This one from ModCloth is a statement piece with a unique collar and is super adorable. Pair this jacket with a contrasting scarf like this one, leggings, and these Steve Madden suede boots to complete the look.

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