An outfit cannot stand alone without an individual’s character, for it is the key ingredient to the clothes being worn. People may choose to follow trends, but if their individuality is not embodied when wearing the chic clothing, the look will fall short. Max greatly adds his quirk to this outfit, from the rimming of his glasses to the way he presents his scarf. The industrial jacket he is wearing presents great versatility in respects to color, weather and the aim of the look he is going for. Made with a detailed lining, he can choose to open the jacket up and present it with a white button down so the lining is highlighted or he can choose to pair it with another pattern to create juxtaposition. His scarf models how adding personal touch can be easy, by representing the colors of his favorite team that are sewn into the scarf. The bottom half of his look is clean and simple. He wears a straight pant and pairs it with moccasin-like tennis shoes. Max proves that it is the charm of the individual that carries the look, not relying solely on the clothing itself.

Name: Max Earnest

Major: Painting

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your fashion?

Max Earnest: Cool people, people willing to go against the grain.

CF: How has your style shifted since coming from San Diego?

ME: My style hasn’t shifted as much as the amount I am wearing. I wear lots more clothing here in Eugene.

CF: How would you describe Eugene fashion?

ME: In one word, I would say scruffy.

How To: To pull off a look like Max’s, find a sturdy, heavy duty jacket. Search for one that provides great storage space with many pockets. Ideally,  attempt to find one that has a neat interior lining to jazz it up. Find a scarf that supports your favorite sports team or a more refined and fashion forward one that can nestle properly within a jacket. Finish off the look with a skinny jean and lace up tennis shoes that have a moccasin feel.

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