Vogue featured model Karolina Kurkova as this week’s Social Shopper, because of her stylish dedication to classic investment items. For her look, she passes over outrageous trends to focus on investment pieces of “quality fabrics, timeless silhouettes, and great tailoring”. I caught today’s spotlighted Fashionista sporting this immaculate look of simplicity and quality. The neutrality of this Fashionista’s beige, white, blue, and eggplant color palette allowed her textured fabrics to stand out as the expressive aspect of her look. From her long sleeve blouse (perfect for any season) to her versatile footwear to her leather bag, this Fashionista models a wardrobe of classics.

Name: Meagan Riordan

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

College Fashionista: Do you find your personal style to follow a consistent look or vary depending on the season's trends?

Meagan Riordan: My style is pretty consistent. I try to incorporate certain trends into my existing style of simple, comfortable clothing (which I like to incorporate pops of color and accessories into). My staples are fitted skinnies and blouses. I use trends to accent these staple pieces.

CF: If you had a million dollars to spend on one designer, who would it be?

MR: Yves saint Laurent, because the looks are timeless and classic yet still unique. I especially love their heels- they are incredible.

CF: Do you follow fashion media for style inspiration?

MR: I obviously read Vogue; I have been reading it since I can remember. I absolutely love their spreads, because they create these amazing ensembles. Other magazines focus on separate pieces of clothing which bothers me, but with Vogue you get the full look. I don’t really look on the Internet for fashion advice- I am more of a shopper than a researcher. I like to see the clothes first hand instead of learning about them online.

How To: Rather than splurging on an expensive seasonal item, make a fashion investment in a valuable, classic piece. Whether it’s a dress, bag, top, or bracelet, start the foundation of your timeless wardrobe with well made clothing- like this Fashionista’s Missoni shoes, Equipment blouse, or Balenciaga bag.

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