With the recent blizzard that hit Iowa City, what used to be sidewalk now resembles a white blanket of snow. Prior to this “pretty” snow covering the city, there were harsh winds accompanied by snowflakes making it difficult to see where you were walking. After class I spotted Megan, who was braving the storm in a fashionable manner. In true Fashionista form, Megan didn’t let the blizzard stop her from wearing her planned outfit of the day. I asked Megan about where she gets her fashion inspirations and trends she is currently obsessing over.

Name: Megan Grote

Year: Junior

Major: Communication Studies and minor in Anthropology

CollegeFashionista: So Megan where do you go to get your dose of fashion inspiration?

Megan Grote: Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and any fashion magazine. I read a variety of fashion blogs. On television I watch The Rachel Zoe Project, and E! News for celebrity style.

CF: What trends are you following now, and which do you think you can live without?

MG: I think my look is pretty versatile and not heavily trend based. I am into layering for the look and practicality. I try to channel my inner bohemian when picking out the layering pieces. I am pretty daring when it comes to fashion so I like to test run all trends and see how I feel.

CF: Is fashion just an obsession for you or do you see yourself in the fashion industry as a career?

MG: I definitely see myself adding fashion into my career. I am aspiring to go into the broadcasting industry in hopes of becoming the new Giuliana Rancic. Being in the spotlight requires being fashion forward and tasteful which is why I will do my experimenting and test runs off camera!

How To: For this girly yet edgy look, Megan opted for the layering style. Start with a floral dress such as this one, and layer with this comfy sweater. Another option with the sweater would be to layer with a casual maxi dress. Either option allows for a weekday class look, or weekend night out with friends. 

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