In a city dominated by the most cutting and occasionally over-the-edge fashion, intricate simplicity is simply stunning. Spotted sipping coffee at the campus café, Megan’s ensemble caught my eye in the midst of faux-fur jackets, decorated leather boots and neon denim. While assuredly on-trend, these vibrant items can get a bit tired — call a girl jaded, but no matter how extravagant the trend, if everyone is wearing it, I’m relatively unimpressed. It was Megan’s outfit, with its expert mixing of various textures in colorful neutrals that left me in a state of fashion envy. From her rugged army green, hooded jacket to her salmon pink, scalloped-neck blouse, not to mention her killer over-the-knee leather boots, Megan’s outfit is original, but not overstated. Mixing classic pieces with some sporadic, but not overbearing, spunk (the leopard insignia on her YSL bag, the fur trim on her hood), she effortlessly conveys a sense of style that is trendy, yet timeless, energetic, yet subdued.

Name: Megan Maquera

Major: Art History/Visual Arts

Year: Sophmore 

CollegeFashionista: How has your style changed since arriving at college?

Megan Maquera: Coming from the Philippines, I arrived at school with no coats or boots so I've been having a lot of fun stocking up on those. My shorts and sandals don't do me much good October through March anymore! Last year I had this huge, almost body-long, Canada Goose down jacket, so let's just say I'm still figuring out my cold-season style.

CF: Who/What serves as your fashion inspiration?

MM: Olivia Palermo and Leigh Lezark. They always look really put together, but still manage to maintain this romantic/edgy look. I love Daphne Guiness as well, but I would never actually dress the way she does!

CF: Where are some of your favorite places to shop in the city? At home?

MM: I've had some good luck at a couple of sample sales downtown. OAK NYC is great, too. These days I've been more of an online shopper though  I recently discovered,  but still haven't gotten over being embarrassed by the name. At home in the Philippines, reptile skins and pearls are inexpensive, so wherever I go shopping, I always mke sure to get some to bring back some for my friends.

CF: What have been some of your favorite style trends over the past few seasons?

MM: I don't know if this is a trend, but I really like the way skulls have made their way into high fashion. Alexander McQueen's accessories, for example. It's grim,  but there's something so avant garde about the way they've been interpreted.

How To: Defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features,” the term neutral, when applied to a garment, understandably evokes images of bored black, tired grey and blah brown. Yet, as Megan demonstrates, neutral items can come in lively forms that, when put together, create a classic, trendy and exciting ensemble. While a fitted pair of jet-black skinnies and dark-wash jeans are essential, next time you find yourself drawn to that oversized grey sweater, try on the more colorful option next to it.  Particular tones of any color (particularly blue, green and pink) can serve as the perfect, eye-popping neutral that will add character to nearly all outfits without taking over the entire look.

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