This Fashionista is adding a touch of sunshine to the October day!

The days consisting of sunshades and pool days have quickly passed. There is a new feeling in the air at the University of South Carolina. The aroma of the pumpkin spice latte brewing in the local Starbucks has become a common encounter. Stores have their shelves filled with Halloween candies and scarecrow decorations. Students' hands are orange and sticky as they carve their first pumpkins of the season. I can finally declare this heavily anticipated month, October is in my presence. Although all of the festivities that compliment October are appealing, my opinion of the weather may differ. Checking my phone for the current updates for the weather constantly. Thirty percent chance of rain in the morning, fifty percent chance of rain in the evening. When can a Fashionistas get a break from this dreary weather? Rain boots and Patagonia rain jackets are widespread across campus. Puddles hindering Fashionistas and Fashionistos to express their true passions for fashion. Trekking across the Building Administration Building, brightening the path each step she took, was my Fashionista. The thought of a Fashionista not needing a spotlight has never crossed my mind, but Megan's unique outfit looked impeccable compared to the standard rain boots and leggings. Especially since it looked in pristine condition as if it had not rained a bit.

Name: Megan Rearden

Major: Retail Management

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you like to shop most, and tell us where your adorable outfit is from.

Megan Rearden: My favorite place to shop is definitely Free People. I love the casual layered look that they aim for. I also shop at Urban Outfitters, NASTY GAL, H&M and more. The outfit I'm wearing was really just thrown together. The pants are from Free People, the yellow T-shirt is from Urban Outfitters and the jean button-up is also from UO. The brown flats are Steve Madden.

CF: Do new social media websites such as Pinterest and Tumblr impact your style?

MR: Honestly, I have a pinterest account but I havent been on it in months. I dont exactly rely on social media for fashion inspiration, I wear whatever I happen to put together that day. I do constantly browse my favorite stores newest lines on a day-to-day basis online though, which gives probably gives me some of the ideas I have.

CF: How do you combine your own personal style with staple fall fashion trends?

MR: I wear whatever I feel confident in and usually that means whatever is comfortable. Fall is definitely my favorite season for fashion. I love boots and layers and sweaters. I would consider my style “trendy” but I try to make it unique as much as I can by mixing random patterns/textures together or layering.

CF: What is the best piece of advice you can give Fashionistas trying to stay cute on rainy days?

MR: The best piece of advice I could give to those still trying to look fashionable on a rainy day would be to wear what your comfortable in, layer it up! If you want to stay comfy and dry, put some boots on and mix it up with different colored socks. If you keep your outfit casual load up on accessories like scarves, jewelry, socks, headbands, bags, etc.

How To: Leave those dresses and maxi skirts at home on rainy fall days. Patterned leggings are both comfortable and very trendy for this season. Megan's leggings feature the perfect fall colors with bright flowers. Styled with a solid casual V-neck, accenting the leggings. If you are looking for an edgy look add your favorite printed tee into the mix. This Fashionista does a perfect job layering her tee with a chambray shirt paired with bangles. Be careful with those nude flats as the wet pavements become slick Fashionistas! Don't let your fashion literally become pain. On colder days sport army boots and knee highs with metallic leggings. Adding an oversized sweater to keep cozy during those cold nights. And don't forget my favorite studded and pyramid jewelry!

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