Singin’ in the rain? This Fashionista keeps it comfy chic in a slouchy sweater, denim shorts, a cross body, rain-boots, and of course, an umbrella. What I found most impressive about this ensemble was if you take away the rain-boots and the umbrella this Fashionista has got herself a look that could be just as workable in the sun. And, if you notice, her rain-boots aren’t Hunter or Pucci. In fact, they’re vintage – literally. I’m talking “I found them in the mud-room closet,” vintage. Their cool red border and handles gives them just the right amount of pop for a grey rainy day.

Name: Meghan Kerwin

School: Northwestern University

Year: Junior

Major: Mathematical Methods and Economics

College Fashionista: How are you able to remain chic in the rain?

Meghan Kerwin: What’s most important in the rain is being comfy so I like wearing big sweaters. I think playing up the color scheme in the rain is fun too. But I also like wearing muted colors like this grey sweater and then adding a splash of color with my purple and white umbrella.

CF: What’s a wardrobe staple you couldn’t live without?

MK: A big centerpiece necklace because it really livens up what could be a plain outfit.

CF: How would you describe your style?

MK: Fashionable but comfortable. I really like wearing what could be considered simple pieces alone but when put together really completes the outfit. I also really like having one thing that pops as the centerpiece.

How To: Pair a loose slouchy sweater with denim shorts. Add a cross-body (that won’t get ruined) rain-boots and a school spirited umbrella. You’ll be just as ready to sing in the rain as Gene Kelly.

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