The first few days after the official start of spring, Mother Nature decided to play a joke on us all and revert to the chilly winter weather we didn’t have this year. While many of us were caught in a weird limbo of transitioning out of the shorts and sundresses we have been wearing back to sweaters and boots, this Fashionista managed to gracefully (and fashionably!) combat the temperature flux in a chic shearling-lined coat and killer boots.

Name: Meghan Piede

Major: Marketing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your style the most?

Meghan Piede: I like Lauren Conrad, I think she always looks confident in what she wears.

CF: What's your favorite thing about dressing for spring?

MP: Pink, pink and more pink! Spring colors are the best to dress in because they always make me happy.

CF: What is your favorite store?

MP: I do a lot of my shopping at Urban Outfitters.

CF:What is your favorite thing in your wardrobe?

MP: Definitely my combat boots. I always find an excuse to wear them no matter what season.

How To: Buying a shearling-lined coat right now may be impractical, but getting a great neutral linen coat is definitely a great purchase for spring. Pair that with an edgy shirt and sunglasses, like this Fashionsta did. Pull on some boots or a more summery shoe as the weather gets warmer and you have a perfect look for those chillier spring days.

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