Most of us have heard the saying “history repeats itself”. While I’m sure trends and styles weren’t exactly the focus of this, it is evidently true in fashion as well. Several trends this season derived from previous decades like the ‘70s and ‘80s. Designers have created a fresh new take on the past looks like denim shirts, jackets and vests. This Fashionista proudly rocked her denim vest over a black tee shirt and shorts with combat boots, another recent item that all Fashionista’s should add to their wish list. Elle magazine provided fall’s best ways to wear denim for those Fashionista’s who want to learn new ways and trends that denim is being featured for the season.

Name: Melanie Eaton

Year: Junior

Major: Business Marketing

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit.

Melanie Eaton: I’m wearing black high-waisted shorts with a black tee shirt. I have a jean vest on and combat boots. It’s a really simple outfit, but I love the vest!

CF: What is currently your favorite trend?

ME: I’m really into gold jewelry right now. I have a gold watch that I wear all the time and I just love! I also like feathers, especially in my hair. I've been seeing more and more feather on campus recently too.

CF: Who is your style icon?

ME: Sienna Miller is for sure style icon. She always has really great accessories that I would love to have. Her style is casual, but always cute and put together.

How To: When many think of “denim”, a classic pair of blue jeans come to mind. Jean is no longer just worn as pants with the variety of styles that any Fashionista can incorporate into their wardrobe. A denim vest can be worn over a tee shirt or even a girly dress to add a little texture and edge. Denim button-ups are definitely a fall must-have for layering. This motorcycle-chic style can also be dressed up into a blazer like one from Forever 21. This ‘70s-inspiried denim look is undoubtedly one I’m hoping sticks around a while!

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