I noticed Melissa walking to her last exam of the semester in an outfit that brightened up the rainy day. Her oversized floral blouse took the ubiquitous floral print trend and made it edgy and original. I loved how she incorporated light pink Forever 21 colored denim shorts into her outfit rather than just wear classic denim cutoff shorts. Her overall look was very flirty and feminine but her Converse All-Stars gave the ensemble a bit of a rockstar feel. Converse All Stars are very practical shoes to have on a college campus. They can make any outfit more edgy and give it a traditional All-American vibe. Melissa and I talked about a trend she hopes to see this spring, Miley Cyrus and her advice to aspiring Fashionistas.

Name: Melissa Black

Major: Kinesiology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What is one trend you would like to see become popular this spring?

Melissa Black: Colored denim shorts. They can add color to any outfit and are a unique trend right now. I would like to see more people embrace them!

CF: Who is the most fashionable female celebrity, and why?

MB: Miley Cyrus. She can't be tamed. I love how she wears whatever she feels in the moment and doesn't worry about what others think.

CF: What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring Fashionistas?

MB: Always dress like you have somewhere better to be. No matter what the weather is like.

How To: To recreate Melissa's flirty finals look, start with a pair of colored denim shorts. This style of Forever 21 shorts come in a variety of colors that are perfect for summer. Like Melissa, I love when Fashionistas wear oversized blouses with cutoff shorts. This Topshop tank looks amazing paired with coral colored shorts. If tie-dye isn't your thing, check out this floral print kimono available at NASTY GAL. Finally, throw on a pair of Converse All Stars and you're ready to brave the rain and finals week.

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