The printed jean trend—risky, but I love it! This stylish fad has also been a hot commodity on George Washington’s campus. Students are wearing floral print, geometric print, polka-dot print, animal print and even skull printed jeans (those are so cool)! You can always top these jeans off with a simple blouse or sweater; however, I’ve always wondered how to shake things up a bit and pair something different with the crazy bottoms. I spotted this Fashionista leaving her dorm room, decked out in cheetah print pants and a cozy polar bear sweater, topped off with a pair of combat boots and a white jacket for the cold day! I loved this Fashionista’s ability to match a decorated top with her crazy jeans and just had to ask her about the trend!

Name: Melissa Mogollon

Major: Political Communication

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Melissa Mogollon: My cheetah printed blue jeans and polar bear sweater are from Urban Outfitters. My white jacket is from H&M. I am wearing my Chi Oh owl necklace, my dads cross and brown combat boots from Boutique 9!

CF: What do you think about the printed jean trend?

MM: This new trend has made jeans much more versatile and not as casual! Floral and animal printed jeans are definitely the most popular of printed jeans and two of my favorite to wear!

CF: What is your favorite pattern?

MM: My favorite prints to wear on my jeans are toned down tribal accented jeans. I also like to wear floral and paisley printed jeans!

CF: What do you normally match with your printed jeans?

MM: Sometimes I’ll wear a chambray button-down or a casual cotton shirt for the day! At night, I’ll pair the jeans with a silk blouse. It’s so difficult to clash with these crazy prints I’m very careful when I choose!

CF: What’s on your holiday shopping list?

MM: For the holidays I really want to find business-like outfits for college functions and interviews for internships! It’s difficult to find trendy business wear, but I’m on the search! Also, I am keeping my eye out for a pair of high-waisted leather pants, an oversized beaten jean vest and a long floral blazer. I think these styles are really going to pick up in the spring!

How To: To get this Fashionista’s trendy look you first need the perfect pair of patterned jeans! Your perfect print can truly depend on your body type or leg length and Free People has a great selection to satisfy all of your needs! My favorite choice for this season, however, is the BLANKNYC Metallic Baroque Print Skinny Jean from Urban Outfitters. They’re out there and fun and really show off your sense of style! I also loved this Fashionista’s idea to pair a decorated sweater with her cheetah print jeans. Etsy has an array of adorable sweaters—some especially festive for the holiday season—that would match perfectly with a pair of whacky printed jeans! You can’t forget a nice pair of boots to finish it off! This Fashionista is sporting a cute pair of combat boots, but any will do! Personally, I love Steve Madden’s simple Lawlor Bootie in either black or brown. It adds chicness to the outfit without appearing overboard! A great look for this season!

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