As cliché as it is, black will always be black. Let’s get real, Fashionistas, this will never change. For whatever event, whether casual or black-tie, black just never fails.

Black has stamina, as it’s never given up on the fashion stage or in every Fashionista's and Fashioinisto's wardrobe. It never goes out of style and Mercedes this Fashionista proves exactly that. With her slight red fruit and neckline detailing, her outfit keeps things exciting (cough cough, vintage Chanel).

Name: Mercedes Beach

School: Parsons and Eugene Lang

Major: Communication design and Culture & Media Studies

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your style?

Mercedes Beach: My friends, San Francisco kids, boys in bands. I think I'm inspired by things I see, very subconsciously.

CF: Where in the city do you like to shop?

MB: I rarely shop in the city, but I can always find something cool at Opening Ceremony, Metropolis or Beacon's Closet. I have yet to find my nook for dirt cheap clothes.

CF: Favourite summer item?

MB: Iced coffee, clean socks, my backpack, and gin.

CF: What is your style philosophy?

MB: I wouldn't say I think so much about it. I just stumble upon cool things at stores, buy what I like, and wear whatever is comfortable and fun.

CF: What interests you about fashion?

MB: I like pretty things.

How To: black is great because it often is slimming and flattering. Sticking to one colour is often a way to play it safe. However, it’s important to note that while great for these reasons, the cut of your clothes are crucial as well. This Fashionistas American Apparel black skirt is a great a-line shape to accentuate your waist. Try a simple black tank like this one from Zara. Paired with any cute oxford or wedge is a nice touch as well. We are in the city, after all and who here isn't constantly in black?

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