Simplicity is a quality that is often overlooked in the wake of eccentric trends and audacious ensembles. However, this week’s Fashionista provides inspiration for all of us whom have ever thought we have ‘nothing to wear.’ Michelle Chung has taken the vintage mantra “less is more” to heart, and mastered the art of effortless simplicity.

This week’s Fashionista pairs a cropped, crème colored blouse with menswear-inspired trousers; a look that appears nothing short of chic, yet avoids clutter and chaos entirely. The roomy cuts of both her trousers and blouse make for a comfortable go-to ensemble without resorting to your sweatpants shelf. Adding a subtle splash of color with a deep burgundy clutch, Chung maintains a relatively neutral palette with dark tones and vanilla whites.

Chung combines quality fabrics with breezy silhouettes, striking the ultimate balance between elegance and effortlessness. Her ability to create character with subtle details and simple staples makes for an ensemble that is greater than the sum of its parts: a philosophy that Chung has certainly learned to value.

To gain inspiration from the Fashionista that turns simple into chic, CollegeFashionista talks to Michelle about her personal style and how it has evolved:

Name: Michelle Chung

Major: Composition and Literature

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Do you have a signature look or a look you couldn’t go without?

Michelle Chung: One look I can’t go without is a simple, timeless outfit. It would probably be some sort of tailored trousers and a silk blouse; simple pieces that will look good even if you’ve just thrown them on in a rush.

CF: Is there a trend from the past that you wish was still thriving today?

MC: I don’t really follow trends, nor do I have a particular style icon. I just wear what I like and wear what I feel good in.

CF: Has living in New York City influenced your style at all?

MC: I think living in New York City has definitely made me appreciate subtlety, fine details, a truly good outfit and quality craftsmanship. It’s really made me value the subtle uniqueness and quality of pieces over boldness of design.

CF: What do you value most about fashion?

MC: What I like most about fashion is self-expression. A lot can be said about who you are by how you dress; sometimes even more than you could say yourself.

How To: Get this Fashionista's look by pairing a peter-pan collared blouse with tailored trousers or silk harem pants. For a more streamline look, pair a staple blouse with cropped black denim.

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